A letter to Evelyn Rose.. 

On Saturday morning I returned from a work trip to the far east.. China and India to be specific. I was absolutely knackered, emotional and so happy to see Matthew. We had a lovely little day mainly consisting of trying to keep me awake until it was an acceptable time for me to go to sleep. Sunday morning my sister in law came round with my precious niece Evelyn Rose who I’d missed so, so much! We had a bit of a catch up and I changed a dirty nappy (standard). Hannah then handed me an envelope containing the card in the image and I was overwhelmed. This meant so much to me I think because of where we are on our journey and to feel that closeness with my niece is a somehow a comfort to me. Hannah has had some bumps on her own fertility journey and Evelyn is a rainbow baby herself.. 🌈 Evelyn Rose you’ll never know what a gift you are to us all and I can’t wait to watch you grow and guide you along the way. 

Love always, 

Fairy Godmother, Bex. 

Clomid and Me

Ohhh Clomid. Clomid clomid clomid. The wonder drug..? I’m not so sure but I’ve had a pretty poor experience so far.

I’m currently on my third month of Clomid. The first month was a write off because my FS and one of the nurses at the clinic gave me conflicting advice which resulted in me taking it at completely the wrong time.

The second month I took Clomid at the right time and had a normal cycle. I was however out of the country after day 15 so couldn’t have a day 21 test to see if I had ovulated. I did however do six ovulation tests from day 9 to day 15. All came back negative.

I’m now on my third round of Clomid but as I have been to India with work (which is on the Zika list!) we can’t try this month. I wanted to carry on with it though to see if it is effective in making me ovulate..



I’ve just read a worrying article about who should be prescribed clomid and apparently it should only be administered to young women with a normal ovarian reserve. Yes, I’m 29, which is probably classed as young but I have been told I have a low ovarian reserve. This article also advised that taking Clomid for longer than 3 consecutive months can actually cause a “contraceptive” effect..?!

Mind. Blown.

Anyone got any experience with this?

I just feel like I’m being given SO much information about so many things and if I can’t even trust my healthcare professionals who do I trust..?

Namaste 🙏

And so it begins..

So today we got the full run through of how IVF works. Quite amazing what the docs have to do to mimic Mother Nature 😬

Receiving the news that we have 1 cycle of IVF rather than the 2 we were led to believe was an unwelcome start to what could be the start of our IVF journey (I say could be as we’ve not given up hope on conceiving naturally just yet).

Dicky Blue

(husband of nobun88!)




my first post..

Welcome to the No Eggs One Basket blog.. A warts and all account of our fertility journey. 29 and 32 respectively my husband and I will be bringing you updates on the many, MANY appointments we get to and the amount of information we are baffled with on a daily basis. For our story up to now take a look at “our story” (cryptic I know).

We went to out first IVF appointment today so when my brain has come to terms with everything that was thrown at us and I’ve stopped feeling sorry for myself (I allow myself a little bit of this every now and again) I’ll write it up. Namaste.