Potions and Needles and Ops.. Oh my!

I haven’t updated for a while and that’s mostly cause there’s been a LOT going on but I’ve also been trying to focus on other things so that I don’t turn into some deranged woman who is only living for IVF. I’ve been trying to be the healthiest I can be in both body and mind which has involved yoga, working out, giving up booze, eating really well and practicing mindfulness.

The last two weeks have probably been two of the most intense of my life and its not over yet! I started injecting myself to stimulate my follicles 15 days ago and due to my low egg reserve I had to have a higher than usual dose which meant mixing my own potion every morning. After 5 days of that I then added another injection to the mix which kept the follicles growing but stopped me ovulating. They took quite a while to get to the right size and there were 12 in total.. 8 big and 4 smaller ones. All in all that was 23 injections. Then two days ago I did a trigger shot which prepares my body for the egg collection.

The egg collection was the part of the process I was most nervous about because 1.. It’s painful, 2.. It meant being put under, 3.. I was worried about how many eggs would be successfully collected and 4.. It’s painful (okay I know I mentioned that already but I’m having a needle jabbed through my vaginal wall and into my ovaries so it deserve two mentions)

Turns out, in true me style, it was a pretty dramatic/traumatic morning! We arrived at the centre and were shown up to our room. We were pretty early so I was sat sporting my fetching surgical gown for about an hour and a half.. The wait didn’t help my nerves and I had a couple of little cries.

Eventually we were shown into the pre theatre room and the anaesthetist attempted to insert the canula into my hand.. Which very painfully went wrong! He then tried again but by this time I was worked up, in pain and crying.. Again! I pretty much never cry.. My husband and I joke that I’m a stone so the magnitude of this whole situation was obviously getting to me.

Once successfully inserted, Matthew was shown out and I was pumped with whatever knocks you out and just remember waking up in my room. In a lot of pain but also gasping for a brew! I hadn’t had a drink for about 15 hours at this point.

The canula was still really painful so I asked the nurse if she could take it out.. She said only when I’d had a wee. Challenge accepted.

Despite not feeling 100%, when the nurse left, I swung my legs round and waited to feel a bit normal. A few minutes later a braced myself and made the few steps into the toilet in our room.. As soon as I sat down on the loo I knew I’d made a mistake. I slowly started feeling more and more sick and dizzy so a nurse and Matthew had to help me back to bed where I then proceeded to have a panic attack.

Then came to oxygen mask and IV of fluids (good job that bloody canula was still in!) to bring me round a bit. I told you.. Dramatic! 🙄 I was also given some codeine to help with the pain.

Somewhere during all this I was told they’d managed to collect 7 eggs which doesn’t sound loads but good for me and my low egg reserve! Matthew and I had a bet on about how many eggs we’d get which I won so he has to take me out now! Bonus!

So now.. We wait. We should get a call tomorrow morning letting us know how many have fertilised so we have EVERYTHING crossed!

To be continued..

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