Clomid and Me

Ohhh Clomid. Clomid clomid clomid. The wonder drug..? I’m not so sure but I’ve had a pretty poor experience so far.

I’m currently on my third month of Clomid. The first month was a write off because my FS and one of the nurses at the clinic gave me conflicting advice which resulted in me taking it at completely the wrong time.

The second month I took Clomid at the right time and had a normal cycle. I was however out of the country after day 15 so couldn’t have a day 21 test to see if I had ovulated. I did however do six ovulation tests from day 9 to day 15. All came back negative.

I’m now on my third round of Clomid but as I have been to India with work (which is on the Zika list!) we can’t try this month. I wanted to carry on with it though to see if it is effective in making me ovulate..



I’ve just read a worrying article about who should be prescribed clomid and apparently it should only be administered to young women with a normal ovarian reserve. Yes, I’m 29, which is probably classed as young but I have been told I have a low ovarian reserve. This article also advised that taking Clomid for longer than 3 consecutive months can actually cause a “contraceptive” effect..?!

Mind. Blown.

Anyone got any experience with this?

I just feel like I’m being given SO much information about so many things and if I can’t even trust my healthcare professionals who do I trust..?

Namaste 🙏

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